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"Third-party payors of healthcare services can be held legally accountable when medically inappropriate decisions result from defects in the design or implementation of cost-containment mechanisms...However, the physician who complies without protest...cannot avoid his ultimate responsibility for his patient's care." Wickline vs. State of California

Thank you for visiting the Guerilla Physician website. This site is designed for doctors who find themselves bewildered and overwhelmed by the changes wrought by corporatization of medical care. If you're not in medicine, you might find this site rather scary. You should probably start by checking out What You Don't Know Can Kill You: the Guerilla Physician's guide to choosing medical services.

What's New

June 23, 2001

New server, and many changes behind the scenes! The new server should speed implementation of the tools.

December 21, 1999

The GuerillaDocs round table is now open! Sign up on the Tools page.

November 27, 1999

The Guerilla Physician has its own domain: guerillaphysician.com!

Old News

If you are a doctor, nurse, or other healer who is trying to figure out how you are going to help your patients survive the era of managed care, keep reading. There is hope. There are ways to reclaim the healing arts for our patients. It isn't pretty. It won't be fun. But it is the minimum we owe our patients.

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